AI and the Type Industry.

4 February 2024
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In summer 2023 I heard a talk about AI and type design by Filip Paldia, of LTTR/INK. Filip presented some of his PHD research in "Making Aesthetically Acceptable Fonts by Deep Learning Methods".

The idea of AI creating typefaces wasn't shocking at first, but it gradually made me think deeply about the type industry's future.

After reading the insightful posts on TypeDrawers, especially this post, and chatting endlessly with type friends, I eventually came to a conclusion. AI may disrupt the type industry, but I don't think it will destroy it. Instead, I see it as a key player in pushing typography beyond its current limits.

Filip and I teamed up to write an article, ‘The AI Dilemma In Graphic Design: Steering Towards Excellence In Typography And Beyond’ We delve into both the near and distant future, exploring AI as a co-pilot and as an autonomous font generator.

But there's more – we also speculate on the future of type itself, imagining a world where static fonts, largely unchanged since Gutenberg's time, evolve into something more dynamic and responsive.

The AI Dilemma In Graphic Design: Steering Towards Excellence In Typography And Beyond

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