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Custom Licensing

If you think you might need a special, extended licence to use my fonts, please get in touch for a confidential chat. I can then tailor a custom licence to suit your precise needs.

The most common requirement I encounter is for an enterprise license. This is a broad licence that provides unrestricted usage to your business, with no limits on numbers of servers, desktops or web visitors.

An enterprise license removes any uncertainty and compliance issues as the company grows and evolves, providing complete flexibility and peace of mind.

License fees are typically based on factors such as the number of font styles needed (eg, Regular, Bold, Italic etc) and the intended usage (web, broadcast, server etc).

Custom Font Licensing | Jamie Clarke Type

Commission your own font

Alongside my current library of fonts, I have also been commissioned to design custom typefaces for agencies, publishers, architects, and educators.

A custom font, designed specifically for your brand or product, enables you to communicate in the precise tone of voice you choose. In addition, a flexible license gives you complete control over the use of your own typeface.

A unique, custom typeface will reinforce your brand and can be cost-effective compared to licensing a set of retail fonts across all your media, in perpetuity.

Get my Fonts

Contact me to buy my fonts,  download them free with an Adobe subscription or licence them from a reputable foundry partner.


I'd love to hear about your next project, and how I can help.


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