Orvis Brand Illustrations

Love of adventure & wonder of nature

Capturing the natural world in lettering…

Orvis required a set of beautifully illustrated letters to encapsulate their brand essence and reflect the company’s love of adventure and wonder of nature. Each letter in the ORVIS name was to be illustrated to contain flora and fauna that inspired a year-round excitement for the outdoors.

The illustrations were to be reproduced black and white. I drew the letters first and then explored the relationship between each character and the imagery that each would contain to find shapes and compositions that were harmonious.


O – River: Trout with aquatic vegetation, bubble and water patterns. Rock and sand at the bottom.


R – Uplands: A dog flushing two Pheasants, surrounded by tall grass and wild flowers.

Each letter has an ornate, woodblock feel reminiscent of the pre-Victorian alphabets of Louis John Pouchée's foundry in London.

The settings chosen for each letters were; River, Uplands, River Bank, Forest Floor, and Salt Water.


V – Riverbank: Caddisfly with Bull Rushes, showing some water and dragonfly.


Letter I – Forest floor: Nesting grouse in under oak with acorns. Showing some mushrooms and bracken.


S – Salt Water: Tarpon fish struggling against a line. Palm tree top and bottom for context.


Original sketch for each of the letters.

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