Kelmscott Bakehouse Branding

Bold lettering featuring William Morris-inspired illustration

While in Sydney…

I was commissioned by design studio Bit League to produce an ornamental monogram for Kelmscott Bakehouse. An artisan bread and cake bakery, Kelmscott practises traditional methods while using locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. Its name is a reference to the renowned Kelmscott Press, founded by William Morris in 1891.

Kelmscott Bakehouse Lettering Illustration Brand Artwork | Design by Jamie Clarke Type
Kelmscott Bakehouse Lettering Illustration Bag | Design by Jamie Clarke Type

The monogram was to be influenced by Morris’s decorative Arts and Crafts work and feature native Australian plants and wheat, symbolising the bakery's location and profession.  

The client chose Waratahs, Gum and Banksia plants, which I constructed into a pattern harmonious with the letterform.

Waratahs are large, distinctive flowers that grow on straight, thick stems and so these became the central spine of the K. These dominant flower heads draw the eye and form a central repeating structure, helping the viewer to quickly comprehend the overall design. This is a technique Morris employed in his own patterns.

The wheat is slightly thinner than the rest of the illustration, allowing the dark background to strengthen the top arm of the letter.

Kelmscott K lettering sketches | Jamie Clarke Type

Early stage sketches exploring the various letterforms.

Kelmscott Bakehouse Lettering Illustration sketches | Design by Jamie Clarke Type

Sketches indicating how the pattern would work within the chosen letterform.

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